It’s fun to shiver this time of year

Everyone, young and old, wants a bit of spooky, creepy, tingly fun at Halloween. Whether telling tales of graveyards that come alive, mysterious shape shifters, or midnight visitors on a stormy night, Margaret can tickle, tease or scare.


“Margaret enticed many cackles from a room full of 100 ‘witches’ during our annual Witches Tea Party.” – Heather Young, THE CENTER at Palos Hills

Why we love things that go Boo!

"When we hear or see something scary, a shot of adrenaline floods our bodies, even if what we are experiencing is not dangerous.With an adrenaline rush comes a heightened production of feel good endorphins. More Halloween stories, please!" - Astara March, Inside Science

Customized programs can include:

Personal/True Stories

  • The Spiral Staircase – a 15 year old girl, a scary movie, and a midnight visitor
  • Double Boo – sisters on eerie, dark night

Literary Stories

  • The Voice in the Night – (adaptation of a literary story by W.H. Hodgson)

Traditional Folktales

  • Mary Culhane and the Dead Man - a ghost story
  • Lucy Dove – old woman versus monster (adapted by Janice Del Negro)
  • The Bargain – shape shifter (adapted by Janice Del Negro)
  • Hide and Seek – secrets of a haunted house (adapted by Janice Del Negro)
  • Elsa and the Evil Wizard – a cautionary tale
  • The Dauntless Girl – skulls in a moonlit mausoleum
  • Ain’t Nobody Here – spooky fun

Full Presentation Roster and Videos

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Margaret’s Vision

Stories not only entertain, they also have the power to touch the heart, spark imagination, inspire hope, and embolden the spirit.

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“Tales both witty and mysterious. I’d recommend her to be your Halloween Storyteller for any age.” – Ann Territo, Naperville Women’s Club