Everyone Loves a Good Story

The Power of Story – a good story can seal the deal

As Director of Development for the Chicago Sinfonietta, I honed and mastered the art of effective narrative to ‘sell’ this unique orchestra with its social mission of diversity to funding agencies, foundations, corporations and individuals.

Using new findings from neuro-science, in my presentation I explain why telling stories helps get people on board with your projects and ideas. And I give tips on how to find and tell the stories that pack a punch.


“More and more, success is won by creating compelling stories that have the power to move people to action. Simply put, if you can’t tell it, you can’t sell it.” – Peter Guber, author of Tell to Win: Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story

Programs to Entertain

From a rich repertoire, of personal stories and folktales, I customize a fun and poignant program to fit your audience, theme, event, or season of the year. 

“Whether Margaret’s stories are funny, serious, mystical or poignant, they are all delightful due to her masterful storyteller style. Her personal stories invite you into her life but you’ll always find reflections of your own struggles and triumphs.” – Vivian E. Williams, author & speaker

Presentation Roster

  • Waukegan Women’s Club
  • Illinois Federation of Women’s Clubs
  • Antioch Women’s Club
  • Naperville Women’s Club
  • Olympia Field’s Women’s Club
  • The Center at Palos Park
  • Gaelic Park Women’s Association
  • St. Bernardin’s Women’s Association
  • St. Giles Council of Catholic Women
  • Leadership Institute, Mount Mary College, Milwaukee, WI
  • Nursing School, University of Illinois Chicago
  • Ragdale Foundation, Lake Forest
  • Off Campus Writer’s Workshop, Winnetka
  • Chiesa Nuova, Franciscan Center for the Arts, Chicago
  • Oak Park Art League
  • Primitive Art Gallery, Chicago

Full Presentation Roster and Videos

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Margaret’s Vision

Stories not only entertain, they also have the power to touch the heart, spark imagination, inspire hope, and embolden the spirit.

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“Even if we simply wrap up our regular content in stories, we get about a 30% increase in comprehension. We are storytelling animals.” – Arya, D.J. & Maul, A., Journal of Educational Psychology