Margaret’s Background

I grew up in a small village in the farm country of central Indiana close to family - aunts, uncles and lots of cousins. The seeds of storytelling were planted at family gatherings where adults sat around the table after dinner talking politics and kids gathered on the front porch to hear the next episodes of ‘The Bloody Dagger.’

“Hooked’ by the magical world of story, I majored in theatre at St. Mary of the Woods College. In 1969 I moved to Chicago to teach theatre at Kennedy King College and start a theatre collective that was a ‘story voice’ for the political issues of the time.

Marriage and three young sons drew me away from theatre and into another story foray – fundraising. As Director of Development for the Chicago Sinfonietta for twelve years, I honed and mastered the art of effective narrative to ‘sell’ this unique orchestra with its social mission of diversity to funding agencies, foundations, corporations and individuals.

Those big white tents full of storytellers at the Illinois Storytelling Festival in Spring Grove in the late 1990’s rekindled a fire to perform. And so I was off and running in an ever-expanding world of personal narratives, folktales, historical tales, literary tales and so much more.

Storytelling is just plain fun and entertaining. But I also believe there is power in story to touch the heart, inspire a sense of hope, spark the imagination, embolden the spirit, and remind us of the greatest of human potential! 


Margaret’s Vision

Stories not only entertain, they also have the power to touch the heart, spark imagination, inspire hope, and embolden the spirit.

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