Love: Elixir of Life

Delight in stories of the magical potion that stirs us, sustains us, and shakes us up. For those special events or times of the year when we long to lavish in the sweetness and power of LOVE. 


“Stories beautifully crafted and beautifully told.” – Rives Collins, Professor of Theatre, Northwestern University

Sample Story Programs

Heart to Heart
Stories of love’s journeys, surprises and faithfulness

The Gift of Women
Stories of Mothers, Grandmothers, Daughters, Sisters and Friends

Making the Heart Whole Again
Healing stories of love, compassion, patience, and joy!

Bring it ON!
Spunky Stories for the Second Half of Life

Crone Power
Feisty, wise older women rock the world!

Mother Moon
She who shines a light on our path

Discussion and sharing programs

An evening of storytelling featuring you and your friends!
We’ve all got stories and it’s fun to share them. I lead a fun, nonthreatening process to stir the memory and loosen the tongue.   Who remembers: “Your first crush?” “The the worst/best date ever!” “The sweetest gift you every received.” Guaranteed: laughs, touching moments, and shared memories.

Love Remembered: a time to share stories about those who taught us how to love.
I lead others to remember and share stories about the precious people in our lives who held the inner light of love and passed it on to us. 

Full Presentation Roster and Videos

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Margaret’s Vision

Stories not only entertain, they also have the power to touch the heart, spark imagination, inspire hope, and embolden the spirit.

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“It’s this kind of telling that lingers on the palate long after the applause has ended” – Sadarri Saskill, Storyteller, Writer