Entertaining and Healthy Too

My programs for seniors are not only fun, uplifting, and entertaining, they also have health benefits.

New science is proving that when we listen to stories, many parts of the brain are activated like touch, smell, hearing, motor, taste, vision. The listener’s brain can actually sync with the storyteller’s brain so that both the teller and the listener create a running sensory movie – activating and exercising many parts of the brain.


No matter what our age, there is something about us that loves a story.

“Stories exercise and strengthen our memory capabilities just as aerobics and weight-lifting strength our physical fitness. Research shows us stories reinforce the connection between the left and right hemispheres of the the brain that process language and images.” – Jeanine McGregor, specialist in enhancing memory skills

Story Programs

From a rich repertoire of personal stories and folktales, I will customize a program for your audience, themed event, or season of the year. For examples of favorite programming click: Halloween, Tales of Love, Winter and Irish

Popular Workshops for Seniors:

Pass It On: Turning Memories into Stories
Margaret stirs memories and helps us write our stories. We tell our stories for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, our communities.

Sharing our Stories
I gently lead participants through fun exercises to discover and share personal stories. Stories connect us. By knowing someone’s story – where they came from, what they do, what challenges and struggles they may have faced, relationships are formed and deepened.

“Integrating memory with earlier stages of life by telling our stories provides the sense of continuity and completeness that is an essential developmental task of aging.” -Barbara G. Myerhoff, ‘Number Our Days’

Performance Presentation Roster Senior Groups

Arbor West Neighbors, Oak Park
Plymouth Place, LaGrange Park
Lexington Square, Elmhurst
The Merion, Evanston
Brookdale, Oak Park
Lilac Ledge, Waukegan
St. Giles Seniors, Oak Park
Irish American Heritage Center

Life will go on
As long as there is someone
To sing, to dance, to tell stories and to listen.
– Oren Lyons, as said in an interview with Bill Moyers

Full Presentation Roster and Videos

For all performances and videos see All Performances page and Videos page.

Margaret’s Vision

Stories not only entertain, they also have the power to touch the heart, spark imagination, inspire hope, and embolden the spirit.

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“I haven’t heard anything so enjoyable in years. Come back tomorrow.” – Cecelia, Resident, Lexington Square of Elmhurst

“I loved this. I want to share it with all my friends and family.” – Helene, Resident, The Merion Retirement Community

“Delightful, I felt like a kid again, listening to stories,“anticipating with joy what would happen next.” – Anne Marie Sciaraffa, St. Giles Seniors