Stories – A Grand Irish Tradition

Stories bubbling with fun, magic and mystery are the soul of Irish tradition. With tales of the legendary heroes like Finn McCool, the ‘little people,’ or poignant personal stories of her Irish heritage, Margaret will entertain with Irish warmth and whimsy. 


“Margaret’s engaging tales inspired people to share their own stories. What more can you ask from a cultural program.” – Paul Dowling, Irish American Heritage Center

Customized programs can include:

Irish Myth and Legend

  • Grace O’Malley – the Pirate Queen
  • The Giant’s Causeway
  • The Children of Lir
  • St. Brigid of Kildare

Traditional Irish Folktales

  • Oona and the Giant
  • Clever Tom and the Leprechaun
  • The Bee, the Harp, the Mouse and the Cockroach
  • Three Sisters and their Husbands, the Three Brothers
  • The Two Cats
  • Dousie O’Dea
  • One Wish

Personal Stories

  • Finding Home – cousins reunite after 200 years
  • The Wall of Derry – an Irish-American confronts the conflict

Full Presentation Roster and Videos

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Margaret’s Vision

Stories not only entertain, they also have the power to touch the heart, spark imagination, inspire hope, and embolden the spirit.

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“Margaret kept us on the edge of our seats with her humorous, imaginative tales. Enchanting!” – Teresa M. Rupprecht, Irish Book, Art & Music Committee Irish American Heritage Center